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including Courtesy... and other expectations

Sharing content

If you want to post pictures and images, even videos, we’d love to see them, but preferably your own!

When it comes to sharing downloaded material, please be aware of copyright limitations. Copyright laws apply to individuals and to companies, and if you share their downloaded material without permission, you are probably breaking the law. Even when you acknowledge your source. Rather give links or share from their profile on social media. 

There are sites which offer fantastic material free for downloading. Be warned, though, even these provide their own T&Cs which need to be checked.

Please avoid controversial material. Not all viewers can distinguish between responsible diving practice and abuse, especially when it comes to treatment of marine life. Harassment should be called out, always. Here on the website and out there on the dive sites. 

Courtesy applies to the web site, just as it does to a dive site

We thrive on opinions and anecdotes, and love to hear your comments. That, after all, is the very purpose of Scuba Vox. At times scuba diving topics can be contentious, or even controversial, and divers generally are not meek and mild individuals – we love that about them! But please follow some basic rules about courtesy:

•             Basic politeness rules! Every time.  That includes no name calling or abusive language

•             Be culturally sensitive – our scuba community is wonderfully diverse, the richer for it

•             Share authoritative links – let’s get serious about informing each other and do it right

•             Beginners are people too


Please report abuse to us:

We reserve the right to remove any offensive comments without informing the sender, and the right to block any visitor who goes beyond what we believe to be the rules of common courtesy and ethical standards. We retain the right to have the final say on what those standards are.



We are not in the business of recommending products or places for commercial or any other gain. We expect that you aren’t either. Scuba Vox is not intended for postings by dive operators about their services.   A good story will do that just as well, if not better.

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