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Who We Are


ScubaVox is an initiative started in 2021 by three divers. A marine biologist who is a PADI IDC staff instructor, an information researcher with an interest in underwater photography, and an engineer hooked on undersea technologies. With several thousand dives between us, we can say with a high degree of confidence that we really, really love scuba diving.

Because we love scuba diving and the underwater world, we are seriously worried about what is happening to the oceans, above water and below. That’s why we decided to create a website to focus both on diving practice, and on marine conservation. Via our blogs, we draw attention to issues that impact on how we dive. Our database of organizations and groups around the world who do phenomenal work to improve the state of the oceans and marine life is intended as a source of hope, inspiration and optimism. 

We are just getting started and hope you will join us along the way!

See the change. Make the change. Be the change.

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