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Cleaning staghorn corals in a coral nursery on Bonaire


Be inspired by the phenomenal marine conservation work happening around the globe. Check out our database of organizations to see who is doing what, and where 

See the change. Make the change. Be the change.


This global marine conservation organizations database covers a wide range of groups which are involved in protecting the marine environment and marine life. The directory brings together in one listing many various organizations, large and small, at work in the field around the world. 

The term 'marine conservation organizations or groups' is loosely used, and includes a variety of organizations, groups, companies, academic institutions, international bodies, government agencies, networks, alliances, and initiatives. As long as what they do contributes to conserving the marine environment, we are interested in them. 

Ranging from large institutions and foundations with a global reach to grassroots informal local groups, they all have one common interest, that of keeping our oceans healthy, clean and rich with marine life. 

This is an ongoing project. Suggestions of groups to be added are welcomed.  

Wave graphic

The Maps

Click on the world map on the area that interests you.


This will take you to one of three maps. 


Note that these maps show where organizations are based. In many cases, the work they do impacts globally, and happens far from their home base.

World map graphic for locations of marine conservation organizations
Long range view of coral reef outcrops with scuba divers suspended above the reef

The Directory

This is the full alphabetic listing of all groups included in the directory.


Via the search box you can enquire on specific organization names, or other criteria such as acronyms, or place including country or city, or a specific subject of interest to you, such as seagrass, or dugongs or dolphins. 


For broad subject groupings, see the grid below. 

The Grid

For broad subject areas within marine conservation, click on the various groupings in the grid below. These groupings are based on the particular focus of the organizations.  Once on the topic page, these categories can be further searched by place such as country or city.  

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