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The volcanic origins and isolation of the Seychelles has guaranteed the preservation of a vast number of unique species including a large population of giant tortoises on the Aldabra atoll

Since 1982 Aldabra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected nature reserve. It forms part of the outer islands of the Seychelles. It is the largest raised coral reef in the world with an elevation of nearly 8 meters (26 feet), and the second largest atoll in the world after Kiritimati Atoll. This atoll consists of four islands that sit around a large and shallow lagoon fringed by a reef.

All dives at Aldabra must be approved by the Seychelles Islands Foundation. This site has an almost unmatched amount of marine life. Its pristine nature and the enormous quantity of underwater dwellers is stunning.

There can be a strong current in the channel and at outer dive sites.

The atoll has the largest population of giant tortoises in the world (about 100,000 animals).

Depth m/ft


Visibility m/ft


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