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The importance of the PADI Rescue Diver course

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Rescue Diver training
Rescue Diver (photo by Bobbi Wu)

Once you are eligible to take the PADI Rescue Diver course (or equivalent in your respective dive program), I strongly urge you to do so. The Rescue Diver on the one hand is by far the most fun of all the courses I took as well as fun to teach. It is also the most important course you can take as a diver.

The Rescue Diver course prepares you for a variety of scenarios and while I sincerely hope you never have to put any of what you learn into practice, it could be vital for you, your buddy or any other diver’s safety and well-being. Alongside the course itself, you also need to get certified in first aid training and as far as I’m concerned, this should be mandatory for everyone.

This course will elevate your diving game to a new league. Being prepared for the difficult times allows you to stay calm and in control, which is exactly what you need to be in a scenario that might call on this specific skillset. It will also set you a part from a crowd as they look for someone to take control of the situation. Not to mention that it's a pre-requisite for embarking on your PADI Pro adventure, if that is something you're considering down the line.

The course itself can be tough but it is also exhilarating and I have never met someone who didn’t love it. I hope you will too!

Any advice for the would-be Rescue Diver readers out there? Share them below!


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