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The case to be made for the Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI specialty course:

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI speciality course
Perfectly buoyant (photo by Courts)

There is a whole world of diving opportunities open to you once you pass your first open water diving course. The list of different options goes on and on and on. I’ve had a number of students and friends over the years ask which course I would recommend as the very best. Now, I have a number of favourites and each course has its own fun, challenges and merits. But none are quite as big of a game changer as the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course and I would encourage anyone – especially new divers – to sign up for it when they next get the chance.

We all learn to work on our buoyancy during our first scuba diving courses, but completely mastering your position in the water column will give you a new found love for the sport. I will never forget the first time I achieved perfect neutral buoyancy - it honestly felt like I had unlocked a new level of diving. You feel completely free and yet perfectly in control at the same time. All while allowing you to save energy and air to stay underwater even longer.

Being perfectly neutrally buoyant on a dive is my happy place in this world.

The PPB course is dedicated to you thinking exclusively about your buoyancy and your position in the water. Practice makes perfect and this course is filled with fun exercises to help you achieve what I always refer to as ninja status. The skills you learn will affect all future dives. Not only does it make diving more fun, but it makes it safer too – for yourself, your buddies, and the environment. No one likes a fin to the face or accidentally swatting a pal – or worse, a coral - as you try to get yourself the right way up. Not to mention struggling to stay put as you do your safety stop on your ascent!

Other than the open water course, the PPB course is also where I as an instructor have seen the biggest improvements made in a very short period of time. It really is a game changer and I would encourage everyone to consider taking the course.

Have you ever taken the PPB course? What were your thoughts? Would you recommend it to a buddy?

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Unknown member
Jun 20, 2021

Thanks for the advice. Will definitely consider this.

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