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Saving Coral Reefs

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

In my experience, coral restoration projects are incredibly hard work with no guarantees of producing the desired results. So, I can only admire the amazing job our friends at Livingseas Asia in Bali are doing.

Their passion for scuba diving goes far beyond the activities normally associated with recreational or technical diving. They are fervent supporters of marine conservation efforts and have established links with marine research groups and various organizations that spearhead environmental protection projects

From Livingseas’ work, it is clear that caring for the environment is a core value of their scuba activity. They regularly run various conservation projects to preserve the marine environment, in the process developing a new kind of scuba diver. Divers that are conscious about the environment we want to explore and be part of it, even if it is only for the limited time that our air supply allow us to sustain ourselves underwater.

One of Livingseas’ main conservation projects is coral recovery in Padang Bai where divers are given the opportunity to set up Reef Stars on the seabed. These are small structures which are placed on the ocean floor and to which broken corals are tied. Thus, the broken corals which are lying on the seabed are rescued and transferred to the Reef Stars to encourage growth. During a tide change, when the water moves, nutrients flow around the Reef Stars and are efficiently absorbed by the corals attached to these elevated platforms.

They are not alone in this effort to conserve the marine environment. Many diver operators are involved in coral restoration and reef renewal projects, as well as species-specific conservation projects.

It is an incredible experience for a diver to get involved in these kinds of projects and see that not all see lost, and yes, we can make a difference. If you are a diver, probably you care about the extraordinary world under the water. Get involved. There are diving operations such as Livingseas that will welcome you with open arms to help with protection and restoration of marine life. Please don’t hold back, go, and educate other divers and no-divers about the importance of saving and nurturing our coral reefs.


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