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XDEEP ZEN BC review.

Updated: May 23, 2022

Recently, I needed to replace some of my diving gear and was looking for a back plate and wing BC in a single tank configuration. These days, one is spoiled for choice as there are several well-known manufacturers of this type of BCs on the market. I sent out a couple of emails, asking about some technical details which I wanted to clarify.

The reply I received from the Polish manufacturer XDEEP caught my eye. Their response was fast, efficient, and addressed all the points I raised. The answers to my inquiry were beyond my expectations. Bart (XDEEP Dealer Network Manager) answered all my questions precisely, and on top of that he provided me with other valuable advice. I was so satisfied with this response that I placed an order for their XDEEP ZEN BC the same day.

XDEEP’s dealers’ network was a pleasure to work with. I placed the order through DiveZone, and again, the service I received was excellent. They communicated each step of the way, with confirmation about my chosen BC configuration, updates on the time of the BC being packed and dispatched, and full parcel tracking access. The BC arrived exactly as scheduled, superbly packed. DiveZone even included a pack of ginger chocolates in the box.

XDEEP cultivates its customer focused culture not only through its own organization, but also through the dealers selling their products. This is admirable and deserves praise.

By the way, after using the X-DEEP ZEN BC I can only say that it is an excellent product. There are plenty of very positive technical reviews around which expertly describe how good it is, so another one from me is not necessary. I merely wanted to say that this superb product is backed by a superb company supported by an excellent dealer network.

Scubavox is not endorsed by, affiliated with, maintained, sponsored by, or in any way connected with XDEEP or Dive Zone.


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