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'Change is our driving force' at Innoceana

Innoceana is a young international team of professional scuba-divers, engineers, biologists, conservationists and ocean lovers, who work on innovative solutions to protect the ocean. With a global outlook, they are active in Costa Rica, the Canary Islands in Spain, Thailand and the USA.

To overcome the problems of lack of knowledge and resources within communities, the interdisciplinary team works on developing low-cost and accessible methods that allow locals to play an active role in monitoring the ocean, thus empowering citizen science.

Raising awareness and educating is an important element of their mission, with the recently opened MCEC in Costa Rica an example of their approach to achieving effective marine conservation.

In their own words and photos, the following feature from Innoceana in Costa Rica:

‘At Innoceana, our purpose is to rewild the ocean through innovation and education. We are here to make a shift. We believe we can transform society’s relationship with the environment, as well as production and consumption mechanisms, paving the way for a better future.

Mauricio Salazar

‘Through purposeful experiences and citizen science activities that are appealing to divers, snorkelers, researchers and students alike, we fund our projects such as: coral 3D models, marine invertebrates inventory (INMOLO), water quality studies, turtle identification, coral restoration, animal rescue and audiovisual books, among others.

Yulian Cordero

‘In our mission, education also holds a fundamental role. We amplify the voice of the ocean and its creatures by spreading awareness of their beauty and the dangers they're facing. We do this by democratizing science: hosting workshops for children, creating new generations of knowledgeable community scientists.

Coline Balfroid

‘We're committed to the land we live on. We're here to foster long-lasting transformation, to modify tourism and people's interaction with nature; that’s why we want to spread the word:

everyone can help to rewild the ocean.

Yulian Cordero

'If you’d like to learn more about the ways in which we’ve positively affected the conservation of ecosystems and coastal communities, you can read our latest yearly Impact Report here.

If you’d like to participate in hands-on research projects while diving in Costa Rica’s pristine waters, you can join our marine conservation expeditions at our Marine Conservation and Education Center (MCEC) for 7 or 3 days of diving, learning, cultural immersion, involvement and adventure. You can find more info here.’

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