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WWF International


World Wildlife Fund

Rue Mauverney 28, Gland, Switzerland

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Non-profit NGO


Conservation, Environmental advocacy, Marine conservation, Marine policy, Advocacy, Coral reefs, Marine pollution, Sustainable fishing, Protection of marine life, Conservation of coasts and oceans


Probably the most well-known and international environmental conservation group, WWF has a significant Marine component through their Oceans programme which focuses on Coral Reefs, Coastal Communities, Sustainable Blue Economy, Plastic-free Ocean, and No Deep Sea Mining. WWF works in more than 40 countries to campaign, lobby, develop and advocate solutions, commission and publish impartial data, advise, and champion the conservation of the marine environment and sustainable livelihoods. Amongst the many programmes and projects it leads or is in partnership globally is the Coral Reef Rescue Initiative ( Note: Many countries with local offices have their own WWF websites.

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