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Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center


Behind the fire station, Utila, Honduras

Region Active:

Caribbean, Central America

Marine research



Sharks and rays, Shark research, Marine research, Whale sharks, Marine conservation awareness and education, Lionfish research, Coral reefs research, Coral reefs monitoring, Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, SCTLD, Marine conservation training


WSORC operates one of the few, year-round whale shark monitoring and research centers in the world. A dedicated team of scientists and volunteers work to maintain and restore the marine environment in Utila, Honduras, via research and education. Research includes whale sharks, as well as lionfish, SCTLD and coral reefs. In addition, WSORC increases the presence and availability of researchers in Honduras to work with whale sharks, and provides a strong platform for aspiring Marine Biologists to learn and help kick-start their careers in Marine Conservation via their internship programme.

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