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Turtle Island Restoration Network


Sea Turtle Restoration Network, STRN

9255 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Olema, CA 94956, USA; San Jose Province, Costa Rica

Region Active:

North America, Central America




Sea turtles, Turtles, Cetaceans, Marine conservation, Advocacy, Protection of marine life, Protection of endangered species


In 1989 the Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) was launched under the auspices of the Earth Island Institute to protect endangered sea turtles in ways that make cultural and economic sense to the communities that share the beaches and waters with these threatened creatures. It is now an independent organization called Turtle Island Restoration Network. With offices in the USA in California and Texas, and Costa Rica, TIRN has been leading the international fight to protect sea turtle populations worldwide, and is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Their range has expanded to include whale sharks, coho salmon and other marine species under threat They work through grassroots empowerment, consumer action, strategic litigation, hands-on restoration, environmental education, and by promoting sustainable local, national and international marine policies.

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