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Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association


1216 Blue Marlin Boulevard, Belize City, Belize

Region Active:




Coral reef protection, Marine protected areas, Mangroves, Seagrass,


TASA’s primary goal is to promote the sustainable use and conservation of the marine ecosystems at the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve (TAMR) through: management of natural resources, education and outreach, and science for adaptive management. The Turneffe Atoll is the largest and most biological diverse Atoll in the Western Hemisphere and TAMR is the largest marine reserve in Belize. About 20 miles east of Belize City at Turneffe, the atoll consisting of a network of reefs, back-reef flats, creeks and lagoons, mangroves and more than 150 islands. It is a complex assemblage of different ecosystems, comprising coral reef crest fringes encircling shallow central lagoons, raised cayes and extensive seagrass and mangrove wetlands; mangroves cover some 11,000 hectares.

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