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Trawangan Dive

Main Beach Road, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Region Active:


Dive operator


Marine conservation awareness and education, Training, Coral reef restoration


Trawangan Dive has an innovative program to restore the Gili islands’ reefs. 'Certain areas of shallow water corals around the Gili Islands have suffered damage by combinations of coral heatstroke, disease, land-based sewage, global sea level rising, over-fishing and direct physical damage... A revolutionary new technology called Biorock can make this possible. The Biorock Process involves a submerged steel structure that receives a safe low-voltage electrical current. Small pieces of live broken coral are then strapped to the structure and have been shown to grow at 3-5 times the normal rate while coral survival under higher water temperatures and pollution increased by 16 to 50 times'.(extracted from their website) They offer dive training and specialised training in this conservation work.

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