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Tortugas de Pacuare

300 Metros Este De La Estación De Guarda Costas Pacuare, Matina, 70501, Costa Rica

Region Active:

Central America



Turtles, Protection of marine life, Conservation volunteering, Ecotourism


The main mission at Tortugas de Pacuare is to protect endangered sea turtles such as the Leatherback sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle and the Green sea turtle, with the support of the local community and of international volunteers. By working with sea turtles and communal and environmental education programs, they educate people on the importance of caring about and protecting the local ecosystem in which turtles play an important role. They are active in Pacuare in the Caribbean site, Matapalo (Quepos) and Isla damas (Quepos) in the Pacific site, protecting sea turtles including the some of the most threatened species which are in serious danger of extinction.

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