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The Sea People

Orang Laut Papua; Yayasan Orang Laut Papua

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Region Active:


Non-profit foundation


Marine conservation awareness and education, Coral reef restoration, Crown of Thorns, Marine protected areas


The Sea People works to contribute to the protection of one of the last locations on Earth where coral reef systems still thrive, Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Their approach is holistic, involving local communities, who depend on healthy coral reefs for both food and livelihoods, and aim to provide mutually beneficial solutions to ecosystems-based management. By combining science and technology with traditional skills and management techniques, they work towards strengthening the ability of local community members to obtain the skills, knowledge and understanding required for improved management, protection and enhancement of local marine resources. Amongst their many projects are reef restoration, marine park monitoring and crown of thorns control, with conservation technology being applied wherever effective.

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