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Sustainable Ocean Alliance



1160 Battery Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, California, USA

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Non-profit alliance



Technology in marine conservation, Conservation technology, Project financing, Funding of projects, Fund raising, Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine pollution, Sustainable seafood


Founded in 2014, Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) activates young people, develops and implements innovative solutions, and ‘mobilizes an ocean workforce to restore the health of the ocean in our lifetime’. By supporting innovative startups, nonprofits, and grassroots campaigns through publicity, funding and grants, they are actively working on solving the problems faced by the oceans, including via technological and scientific solutions. As of 2021, they had become involved in 222 initiatives all over the world, each dedicated to restoring and sustaining the health of our ocean focusing on the following 5 general categories of solutions: Carbon (CO2) reduction and blue carbon; Pollution reductions and the circular economy; Blue Foods (Sustainable protein, fisheries and aquaculture); Ocean data, literacy and research; and Ecosystem preservation and restoration.

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