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Song Saa Foundation Cambodia

Koh Ouen Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Region Active:




Marine conservation, Marine protected areas, Conservation volunteering


The Song Saa Foundation 'initiates and promotes projects that improve the wellbeing of the communities and natural environments of the Koh Rong Archipelago and beyond.' In 2006, they bought the tiny Cambodian island of Koh Ouen and later, the neighbouring island of Koh Bong, and launched the Song Saa Marine Reserve, Cambodia’s first ever government recognised private marine reserve. The foundation is ‘committed to the protection of ocean habitats and the preservation of marine life – from fish and invertebrates to coastal birds – in the Koh Rong Archipelago and all along Cambodia's coastline. Our projects include the support of community fisheries, a coral nursery and a tropical marine conservation programme. We also have programmes in place for the conservation of sea turtles, mangroves and Cambodia’s rare sea grass meadows.’ They run an Ocean Stewardship Program for divers interested in becoming involved in their conservation initiatives.

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