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Shark Spotters

Surfers Corner, Beach Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

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Sharks, Safety, Shark attacks prevention, Protection of marine life, Conservation of sharks, Education


Shark Spotters is a pioneering shark safety and research organisation which pro-actively reduces interactions and conflict between recreational water users and white sharks. Started in 2004 in response to a spate of shark bite incidents and increased shark sightings, Shark Spotters is now the primary shark safety strategy used in Cape Town, South Africa. They improves beach safety by applying innovative and responsible shark safety solutions that reduce the spatial overlap between people and sharks, thereby reducing the risk of a shark bite. They also provide emergency response in the event of a shark incident, as well as conduct cutting-edge applied research on shark behaviour and ecology, raise awareness about shark safety and conservation issues, and provide employment opportunities and skills development for shark spotters.

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