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Shark Guardian

66 Hayen Lane, Hucknall, Nottinghma, NG 158BS, UK

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Sharks and Rays, Protection of marine life, Research, Marine conservation awareness and education, Advocacy, Expeditions


Shark Guardian’s mission is ‘to advance the conservation of sharks and the natural environment through conservation, education, research projects and expeditions. There are Shark Guardian campaigns and activities taking place worldwide including the United Kingdom (where the HQ is), Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They approach the objective through multiple strategies: Conservation, via campaigns and advocacy; Education to increase knowledge about sharks and the critical role they play in the oceans and therefore for all the planet, via presentations, diver courses and the development of resources; Research, by supporting research at universities and also citizen science programs such as eOceans; Expeditions, such as the Sardine Run off South Africa, which include elements of their education and research programmes.

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