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MCPO Box 2631, Makati City, Philippines

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Species identification, Global information system on marine organisms, Conservation and sustainable management


SeaLifeBase is a searchable online information system which follows the highly successful FishBase model, providing key biological traits for all non-fish marine organisms. Data statistics (current): 83400 Species, 59100 Common names, 14800 Pictures, 38500 References, 330 Collaborators, 235000 Visits/Month. Check out their video (What is SeaLifeBase and How It Came to Be):, and the SeaLifeBase Blog: The SeaLifeBase Project is a joint initiative of the Sea Around Us Project (Fisheries Centre, UBC, Vancouver, Canada) and the FishBase Consortium. SeaLifeBase and FishBase have the same set of consortium members and are both hosted by Quantitative Aquatics, Inc. (Q-quatics).

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