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Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

85 Kaya Gob. N. Debrot, Kralendijk, Bonaire

Region Active:

Caribbean, Central America




Coral reef protection, Coral reef restoration


The mission of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is to protect and restore coral reefs in Bonaire by developing innovative coral nurseries and restoration techniques, supported by research collaborations and shared worldwide. Their coral restoration work is achieved via coral fragment propagation, as seen in the nursery trees and outplanted areas around the island, and via coral larval propagation, whereby spawning coral larvae are collected and reared, a process which will increase the genetic diversity of the reefs on the island, critical for their survival. They have to date (mid-2022) outplanted more than 40,000 corals back onto Bonaire’s reefs. By training divers, engaging and inspiring the community locally and internationally through volunteering, educational events, and outreach, Reef Renewal Bonaire is achieving admirable results.

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