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Rascarey Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Rincon de San Josecito, 10km from Bahia Drake, Costa Rica

Region Active:

Central America

Non-profit NGO


Turtles, Protection of marine life


RASCAREY is a young Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation Project in one of the most remote and biologically rich regions in Costa Rica (Rincon de San Josecito, 10km outside of Drake Bay). The camp is located on an Oceanfront Jungle farm, right next to Corcovado National Park. The project consists of two different seasons: the Sea Turtle Conservation Season and Sustainable Summer Immersion. Local and International volunteers have the opportunity to take part in hands-on sea turtle conservation efforts, upcycling projects, weekly beach cleanups, educational workshops, reforestation, mindfulness practices, creative expression, gardening, construction using natural resources, interaction with native plants and animals, and communal living.

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