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Réseau Régional d’Aires Marines Protégées en Afrique de L’Ouest

9 route des peres maristes, Hann Maristes, Dakar, Senegal

Region Active:




Marine conservation, Marine protected areas, Advocacy, Sustainable fishing


The focus of RAMPAO is on the marine ecoregion of West Africa, the members of the group being Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mauritania, of Senegal and Sierra-Leone. They aim at conserving the marine habitats of the region for the benefit of all. This includes developing Marine Protected Areas; preserving and restoring the critical habitats necessary for the renewal of fishery resources; supporting one another through information exchange and mutual learning; strengthening their mutual capacities for advocacy, defense of interests and representation of MPAs in the region in the international framework.

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