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People and the Sea


JV's Pass, Barrio Street, Malapascua Island, 6013 Cebu, Philippines

Region Active:


Non-profit NGO



Marine conservation awareness and education, Coral restoration, Coral reefs protection, Beach cleanups, Conservation volunteering


Founded and run by experienced scuba divers, People and the Sea was created as a marine conservation initiative which also offers a sustainable livelihood to the communities who are very reliant on the sea. Working on Malapascua, and in the wider region, the focus of their operations is ‘to support the local community and relevant stakeholders in developing locally inspired methods of conserving their marine environment.’ This work includes extensive coral reef protection and restoration, removal of crown of thorns starfish, coastal clean-ups amongst their many activities which includes training the many volunteers who work on their projects. They partner with Blue Ventures on projects in the area.

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