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Pacific Coral Reefs Institute


Institut des Recifs Coralliens du Pacifique, Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs

Mo'orea, Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia

Region Active:


Research Institute



Coral reefs conservation, Coral reef monitoring, Coral reef research


The Pacific Coral Reefs Institute (IRCP) is an institute of The Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), created in 2009, with the mission to set up a network of monitoring of coral reefs. Since 2009, IRCP and CRIOBE set up new sites of monitoring in partnership. Nine sites of monitoring of coral reefs in the Pacific and in French Polynesia (Pitcairn, Tonga, Cook) were established in 2009, with new sites of monitoring established in the following years, in particular in the nearby countries of the South Pacific (Kiribati, Samoa).

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