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OMCAR Palk Bay Centre


Organization for Marine Conservation, Awareness and Research

Velivayal Village, Rajamadam Post - 614701, Thanjavur Dist, Tamil Nadu, India

Region Active:





Marine research, Marine conservation awareness and education, Dugongs, Seagrass, Mangroves, Protection of marine life, Sustainable fishing


The Omcar Foundation was created in 2007 for the conservation of dugongs, seagrasses, and mangroves through scientific and traditional knowledge. Under the foundation’s auspices, the OMCAR Palk Bay Centre provides services to the local fishing communities in coastal environmental education and awareness, a dugong and marine mammal stranding response, seagrass and mangrove restoration projects, sustainable squid fishery, tree planting, amongst others. Participatory conservation and sustainable livelihoods are key to their mission.

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