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Oceanic Global

11205 NY, New York, USA

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Plastic pollution, Marine pollution, Marine policy and law, Advocacy, Information resources, Marine conservation education and awareness


Oceanic Global inspires us to care deeply for the ocean and provides solutions to protect it. The international non-profit sheds light on humanity’s essential relationship to the ocean and empowers individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change. Oceanic Global creates educational experiences, consults on sustainable operations, and engages local communities to generate measurable impact for our collective wellbeing.
Oceanic Global's industry solutions program, the Blue Standard (, is a first of its kind cross-industry standard that empowers industries and businesses of all sizes to achieve measurable impact that protects our blue planet and establishes universal accountability for sustainable business leadership. Blue offers a 3-Star verification for business operations alongside open-source resources, step-by-step auditing and consultation support, and buying deals with vetted vendors to help businesses eliminate single-use plastics and operate sustainably. Blue also offers Product and Packaging seals that verify Consumer Packaged Goods for meeting Blue’s plastic-free criteria.

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