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Marine Dynamics

Gansbaai, South Africa

Region Active:


Ecotourism, education


Marine conservation awareness and education, Cetaceans, Ecotourism, Marine research


Based in Gansbaai, South Africa, Marine Dynamics is a family of organisations dedicated to the marine environment. In conjunction with Dyer Island Cruises and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, they are involved with various and diverse research and conservation projects concerning the Marine Big Five - penguins, whales, dolphins, seals and sharks - as well as educational and upliftment programmes in the local community. Current programmes/activities include an African Penguin nesting project, Great White Shark research including acoustic tagging and tracking, Fishing line disposal bin project, Shark egg case collection programme, Marine Animal Stranding rescue, research into the Southern Right Whale, Cape fur seal and Humpack Whale populations, amongst several others.

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