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Marine Conservation Philippines


Siit Arboretum, 6218 Lutoban Village, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Region Active:


Non-profit NGO



Marine conservation, Marine conservation awareness and education, Coral restoration, Mangroves, Marine vegetation, Marine protected areas, Conservation volunteering


MCP is dedicated to preserving and protecting coastal resources in the Philippines through education, volunteerism and research. They work to preserve fragile marine habitats like coral reefs and mangrove forests, with an additional aim of improving the quality of life for marginalised fisherfolk in the central Philippines. A volunteer based organisation, international volunteers can join a large professional team of marine biologists, scientists, teachers and dive instructors. Participation in the program involves extensive scuba diving activities, with training offered on site. ‘Since becoming operational in 2015, MCP has led mangrove replantation efforts, and have removed tons of marine debris and ghost nets. Volunteer divers have placed sinkers and buoys in many marine protected areas, improving demarcation and local conservation efforts, whilst volunteers have taught numerous school classes in the municipality about marine issues.’ Their YouTube channel is Amongst several others, check out their video about conservation volunteering at

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