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Marine Conservation Institute


Marine Conservation Biology Institute

Seattle: 4010 Stoneway N, Seattle, USA; Washington DC: 122 C St NW, Washington DC, USA; California: 14301 Arnold Dr, Glen Allen, California, USA

Region Active:

North America

Research Institute



Conservation of marine and coastal diversity, Marine conservation, Marine research, Education, Advocacy, Marine conservation awareness and education


Marine Conservation Institute is a non-profit scientific and conservation advocacy organization that has been working since 1996 to promote cooperation essential to protecting and restoring the Earth's biological diversity. From the headquarters in Seattle WA and the Washington DC and California offices, they work to protect marine life around the United States and beyond by encouraging research and training in marine conservation biology, bringing scientists together to examine crucial marine conservation issues, conducting policy research to frame the marine conservation agenda, leading outreach efforts to educate scientists, the public and decision makers on key issues, and building partnerships to solve problems affecting marine life and people.

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