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Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo Onlus

Scalo de Penido, River Tiber, Rome, Italy

Region Active:





Marine conservation, Sustainable fishing, Marine pollution, Protection of marine life, Marine conservation awareness and education, Advocacy


Marevivo is a significant Italian environmental association that protects the sea and its resources, focusing in particular on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, enhancement and promotion of marine protected areas, combatting pollution and illegal fishing. They promote education in schools and universities, and act as an advocate influencing law and policy with many successful campaigns in Italy, such as recently the ban of microplastics in rinse-off cosmetics and the ban on sea cucumber fishing. Marevivo relies on the work of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of members scattered all over Italy, with representation throughout the country in the form of delegations in more than 25 centres. They are organised into diving, sailing, canoe & kayak, beaches and shore divisions.

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