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Mar Alliance

2000 Edwards Street, Suite B-100, Houston, TX 77007, USA

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Marine conservation, Marine research, Cetaceans, Turtles, Sharks and rays


MarAlliance is an international non-governmental organization that ‘designs and conducts collaborative grassroots research and conservation action on threatened marine megafauna such as sharks, rays, turtles and large finfish. Working with fishers and other key stakeholders of the sea, (they) generate essential data on megafauna populations, behaviour and ecology to enable fact-based conservation and management’. The organization supports the creation and expansion of marine protected areas and legislation that enables sustainable fisheries to minimize threats and maximize protection of sharks and rays. MarAlliance is registered in the US (California) and locally in Belize, Panama and Cabo Verde. They work remotely from multiple bases in the US, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Cabo Verde and Micronesia.

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