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Mar Fund

Mesoamerican Reef Fund

22 avenida 0-59, Zona 15 Vista Hermosa II, Guatemala, C.A. 01015

Region Active:

Central America

Funding programme



Marine conservation, Funding of projects, Marine protected areas, Sustainable fishing, Protection of marine life, Coastal marine conservation, Coral reef protection, Mangroves


The MAR Fund (Mesoamerican Reef Fund) was established in 2004 by representatives from conservation funds in the countries of the MAR region (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico) as a regional funding and coordination institution. It is a private fund intended to drive regional funding and partnerships for the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of the Mesoamerican Reef. This includes: Saving our Sanctuaries (supports the establishment and protection of an interconnected network of priority coastal and marine protected areas in the region), Fishing for the Future (sustainable fisheries and the establishment of fisheries recovery areas) and Climate Change: The Need is Now (monitoring climate change effects on the reef and supporting adaptation to climate change).

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