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MAR Expeditions

Marine Action Research

Praia de Zavora, Mozambique

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Marine research, Marine conservation awareness and education, Cetaceans, Protection of marine life, Seahorses, Sharks and rays, Expeditions, Conservation volunteering


MAR is committed to being an effective and sustainable partner within the Zavora Bay community, working with the local fishermen to secure their future as well as the future of the marine ecosystems. Their focus is on the movements and abundance of marine animals in Zavora Bay, Mozambique, and beyond. The lab’s core research has focused on manta rays, humpback whales, nudibranchs, and artificial reef and wreck colonization through on-land and underwater surveys since its establishment in 2009. At the same time, via their internships and expeditions, MAR engages with natural scientists, social scientists, university students and engaged naturalists to conduct research and gain experience in fieldwork, and data collection and analysis. The lab is engaged with national and international research institutions conducting research on seahorses, whale sharks, coral reefs, and sea turtles.

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