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KIMO International

KIMO International, 8 North Ness Business Park, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0LZ, UK

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Network, non-profit



Protection of coastline, Conservation of the coast and oceans, Plastic pollution, Marine pollution, Marine debris, Ocean debris, Advocacy


KIMO is a network of local governments, working together for healthy seas, clean beaches, and thriving coastal communities, with the aim of preventing pollution, and to protect and preserve the seas and coastal waters of the North East Atlantic and Baltic regions. They are actively involved in many practical issues, including lobbying on issues such as the standards in offshore energy projects, maritime standards and dumping at sea; they educate manufacturers and the public on pollution such as microplastics; they initiate projects such as Fishing for Litter, amongst others. KIMO stands for Kommunernes International Miljøorganisation (Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation) and was founded in Denmark in 1990. With over 80 member municipalities in eight countries, it now represents ‘more than six million citizens in Europe’.

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