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InPact. Instituto de Pesquisa e Acao

InPact - Instituto de Pesquisa e Ação; InPact - Research and Action Institute

Rua dos Pescadores, 501 Ponta do Seixas, João Pessoa PB, 58045-530, Brazil

Region Active:

South America

Non-profit research institute



Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine research, Protection of marine life, Coral reefs monitoring


InPact was established in 2020 by researchers in the environmental and sustainability areas. They aim to contribute to the conscious use of natural resources, based on research supported by actions aimed at sustainable practices, environmental preservation and conservation, with the engagement of traditional communities and society as a whole. This includes the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction to the natural environment of marine and aquatic animals. They also carry out environmental education activities; monitoring of coral reefs; research into sediment analysis through granulometric analysis, organic matter and carbonate contents; identification and monitoring of macrobenthic species and reef fish, and analysis of the physical and chemical parameters of the water.

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