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Region Active:

Central America, Europe, USA

Non-profit NGO


Marine conservation, Marine conservation awareness and education, Technological solutions


Innoceana is a young international team of professional scuba-divers, engineers, biologists, conservationists and ocean lovers, who work on innovative solutions to protect the ocean. To overcome the problems of lack of knowledge and resources within communities, the interdisciplinary team works on developing low-cost and accessible methods that allow locals to play an active role in monitoring the ocean, thus empowering citizen science. Examples of projects include sea currents monitoring, water quality in Isla del Cano, 3D Coral Reef monitoring, 2D GIS mapping, plastic monitoring, turtle identification, interactive books, amongst others. Raising awareness and educating is an important element of their mission, with the recently opened MCEC in Costa Rica an example of their approach achieving effective marine conservation. Innoceana is registered in Costa Rica, California and Spain.

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