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Guyana Marine Conservation Society


Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society

Le Meridien Pegasus, Kingstown. City: Georgetown, Guyana

Region Active:

South America




Marine conservation, Turtles, Protection of marine life


The Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS) was established with the primary mission of ensuring the future existence and population recovery of all the four species of marine turtles known to nest in Guyana, while addressing the needs of the communities. including engagement of the indigenous communities in alternative income projects to reduce their dependency on harvesting of sea turtle meat and eggs. GMCS is involved in the tagging and monitoring of the nesting marine turtles and awareness campaigns which has played a major role in the declaration of Shell Beach as a Protected Area. Legislation now governs the illegal take of all the endangered species from within that area and persons caught in illegal acts will face the consequences of the law. Other aspects of GMCS thematic areas of work include biodiversity surveys, community outreach, and the design and delivery of environmental education and awareness programs.

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