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Room 515, Fengtai Centre, No.2 Zhu Shi Kou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Region Active:


Think Tank


Marine protected areas, Protection of the oceans, Advocacy, Marine conservation awareness and education


Greenovation Hub (GHub) is ‘an independent environmental think tank with a global outlook, registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.’ They work to promote sound climate and environmentally friendly policies through research, advocacy, negotiations, education and dialogue. One of their projects is focused on Ocean Conservation, which has as its aim that China leads the conservation of high seas biodiversity and plays a leading role in global ocean governance and collaboration. To achieve this, GHub works in China ‘to advance sustainable fishery and catalyze the building and effective management of science-based and representative marine protected areas (MPAs) by engaging experts in science, policy, law, business, academia and communications.’

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