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Global Choices

Earth Restoration Alliance

245 Fox Run Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623, USA

Region Active:

Global, Arctic, Antarctica



Advocacy, Financing and business development, Protection of the oceans


Global Choices is a high-profile organization, involving and endorsed by prominent environmentalists, which works to protect our planetary ecosystems. Focusing on the ‘Global Commons’, namely the earth's shared natural resources, such as the high oceans, the atmosphere and outer space and the Antarctic in particular, their stated vision is ‘to achieve consciousness in action that we are one humanity, dependent on the ~Global Commons, the interdependent natural systems crucial to all life.’ Their current mission is to drive action on the Ice Crisis, prioritizing the Arctic and Antarctic Global Commons. The five strategies to achieve their goals are: i. Hands Off the Central Arctic Ice Shield campaign which confront policy makers and industry, ii. an Intergenerational Network ‘Arctic Angels’ or young leaders to raise awareness of issue such as the Ice Crisis, iii. Climate Literacy Education campaign, iv. a Finance element which aims to create instruments to direct funds to protect the Global Common, and v. ‘Humpty Dumpty’ which aims to gather influential female leaders who bring conscious feminine energy to strategically tackle the climate crisis

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