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Fundacion para la conservacion de los Recursos Naturales y Ambiente en Guatemala


17 Avenida D 0-19, Zona 15, Colonia El Maestro, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Region Active:

Central America

Non-profit NGO



Marine conservation, Funding of projects, Biodiversity


FCG is a private, non-profit which facilitates the management and administration of funds for the conservation of biodiversity and the environment in the country. Since 2000 FCG has managed extensive funds through its varied structure of small grants, subaccounts, and microloans to support initiatives related to environmental laws and policies, protected areas, and sustainable use of resources. They manage, monitor, and evaluate projects in accordance with its overall objective of promoting biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, environmental stewardship, and climate change adaptation and mitigation, including the the Mesoamerican Reef Conservation project, amongst others.

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