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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Digital platform, App


Marine research, Conservation technology


eOceans is a collaborative scientific initiative in Canada. It focuses on informing ocean conservation efforts with “crowd-sourced” data. Marine citizen scientists, ocean industry professionals and others who actively explore the blue planet and make important observations every day can participate. The data is collected and combined with traditional and expert datasets to build a comprehensive ecological baseline of marine environments all over the world. eOceans provides a simple way for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, beach goers and even fishermen to report the sharks, rays and sawfish they observe for conservation. These observations or lack of observations are used to assess and monitor populations, communities, and ecosystems. Most importantly the data is used to assess the need for marine sanctuaries, and monitor marine management initiatives already in place.
Previous eOceans survey results have been used for several publications to assist with shark conservation. Results from eShark have been used to assist the IUCN data of sharks for the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). Marine biologist and researcher Dr. Christine Ward-Paige is the leading researcher and data analyst for eOceans

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