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En Busca del Pez Sierra Costa Rica

Searching for the Sawfish - Costa Rica; El Pez Sierra - Costa Rica

Av 7 & 9, Calle 29, Barrio Escalante 75 metros norte del Parque Francia, San José, 10101, Costa Rica

Region Active:

Central America



Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine research, Sawfish


In Search of Sierra Fish – Costa Rica, or Searching for the Sawfish - is a project of the University of Costa Rica that was born in 2015, and is currently part of the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation's marine conservation program, aimed at generating essential information for the effective protection of these species and the areas they inhabit. The project involves an interdisciplinary team that seeks, through research, environmental education and outreach, to promote the protection and conservation of sawfish, their habitats and coexistence with the communities they interact with in Costa Rica, and beyond.

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