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East Africa Whale Shark Trust

Galu Kinondo Beach, Ukunda, Coast Province, Kenya 80 400; Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya

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Marine conservation awareness and education, Whale sharks, Protection of marine life, Marine research, Conservation volunteering


The East African Whale Shark Trust is a grass roots project dedicated to marine conservation in general and whale shark conservation in particular. Based on Diani beach the EAWST was founded in response to the increase in the whale shark population along the Kenyan coast as well as increased interest from the tourist sector. The increase in the number of whale sharks along the Kenyan coast has meant they have become a target. All that is required by international law is that whale shark trade be monitored. The EAWST provides a research centre for collecting and analysing data on the local whale shark population, its habits and movements. The Trust works with other regional organisations, the long term goal being to increase protection and promote the conservation of the biggest fish in the ocean.

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