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Coral Reef Care


Oosterpark 26-2, 1092 AJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Region Active:

Europe, Asia, Africa



Coral restoration, Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine pollution, Ghost fishing, Protection of marine life, Marine protected areas, Sharks and rays


Coral Reef Care (CRC) focuses on the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems, in particular coral reefs, by initiating and organising reef conservation projects and creating public awareness on the importance of coral reefs. This involves, amongst others, the restoration of damaged reefs, removal of lost fishing nets on coral reefs, campaigns to reduce plastic waste, creation of artificial reefs, creation of No Take Zones and the protection of specific marine species. Taking the approach that effective conservation projects must involve local communities, they generate jobs for local communities in the conservation business.  One of Coral Reef Care’s main goals is to set up more MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). They have projects in several places Asia and Africa, including Bali, Indonesia, Maziwe Island in Tanzania, and Kinuni near Vipingo in Kenya. . In addition, they have a initiated a project which focuses on shark and ray protection, specifically in South and Mid Kenya and carried out with Cordio East Africa in Mombasa. To their current target groups, i.e. school kids and fishermen, they explain the importance of these magnificent species, their crucial role in the ecosystem, threats to their existence, and the solutions to protect them.

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