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Blue World Institute for Marine Research and Conservation

Blue World, Plavi Svijet

Veli Lošinj, Croatia

Region Active:


Non-profit group


Marine conservation, Marine research, Education


Blue World was formed with the intention to take over the research and public awareness actions of the Adriatic Dolphin Project (ADP) started in 1987 and managed by the Tethys Research Institute until 2000. Blue World was created in 1999 by ten founders, mostly local but all involved in the ADP during previous years. Presently, Blue World carries out projects including Adriatic Dolphin Project, Losinj Dolphin Reserve, Losinj Marine Education Centre, Research and conservation of marine turtles of the Adriatic in cooperation with the Croatian Natural History Museum. Blue World actively cooperates with a number of organisations and institutions in Croatia and abroad. scientific research and conservation projects and promote environmental awareness in the Losinj-Cres archipelago, Croatia and Adriatic region as a whole.

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