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ARCAS Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association


Asociación de Rescate y Conservación de Vida Silvestre

Km.30, Calle Hillary, Lote 6, Casa Villa Conchita, San Lucas Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.

Region Active:

Central America

Non-profit NGO



Protection of marine life, Sea turtles, Rehabilitation of marine life


ARCAS was originally created by Guatemalan citizens for a very specific and urgent purpose: to build a rescue center to care for and rehabilitate wild animals that were being confiscated on the black market by the Guatemalan government. Since the establishment of the Rescue Center in Peten, ARCAS has branched out into environmental education, protected areas management, marine turtle conservation, mangrove protection, sustainable community development, ecotourism and reforestation. ARCAS’s three main project sites are: the Guatemala City area, the remote northern department of Petén, and the Hawaii area of the southern Pacific Coast. They are a member of WIDECAST

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