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Aquarius Systems

Manufacturers of Trash Hunters

200 North Harrison Street, North Prairie, Wisconsin 53153, USA

Region Active:


Engineering company



Plastic pollution, Marine pollution, Cleanup technology, Conservation technology


Aquarius Systems is an engineering company which designs equipment for surface water management, with the stated goal 'to make waterways usable and enjoyable. Aquatic weed harvesters, trash skimmer boats, amphibious excavators, aquatic weed cutters and a variety of support equipment will help reclaim lakes, rivers and reservoirs from the unwanted vegetation and floating debris that negatively impact recreation and navigation.'. Their Trash Hunter is designed to collect 'unwanted debris from harbours, rivers and other waterways. The skimmer boats can easily retrieve a wide variety of manmade and organic floating debris including plastic trash, tires, branches and logs.' The Trash Hunter is an example of a debris skimmer, manned technology currently used in lakes and bays to remove debris or weeds cluttering the water. They typically use a belt conveyor, mechanized grabbers, and water jets to direct debris to storage.

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