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Slow currents, shallow water and the colourful sea life contrasted against the black sand make Lembeh a macro diver's paradise

The site is covered with black volcanic sand featuring large numbers of purple heart urchins. A number of unusual sea creatures such as mimic octopus, tiny frogfish, hairy frogfish and ornate ghost pipefish can be seen here. Honeycomb moray eels and long horn cowfish as well as stargazers are also present in numbers.

Nudi Falls
A dark sandy slope covered in soft corals descends to about 25 meters (82 feet). Ribbon eels and shrimp and goby partners have all made their homes here.

The sea floor and the rocky base of the small wall are crowded with gurnards, frogfish, lionfish, banded pipefish, the eponymous nudibranchs, mantis shrimps and pipefish. The wall also provides a shelter for pygmy seahorses.

This dive site is situated between two large boulders rising up out of the ocean. This is one of the best spots to see hippocampus seahorses, the ornate ghost pipefish, the hairy or painted frogfish. Descending to about 25 meters (82 feet) sea whip corals are represented in large numbers. They provide perfect homes for black coral crabs and the miniscule pygmy seahorses.

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